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The members of the Conseil Arts et Culture de Saint-Eustache would like to express their sincere thanks to all of the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to this virtual exhibition, with special thanks to the members of the City of Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department.


Members of the Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department who contributed to the virtual exhibition:

Charles de Rouville, Director

Sébastien Laplante, Assistant Director

Patrick Déry, Captain

Marco Deschênes, Captain

Sylvie Aspiros, Captain

Stéphane Lambert, Captain

Sébastien Samson, Captain

Marc Gauthier, Lieutenant

Pier-Marc Girard, Lieutenant

Dominic Patrie, Lieutenant

Érick Paulin, Lieutenant

Pierre Rochon, Lieutenant

Alexandre Roy, Lieutenant

Maxime Dion, Eligible Firefighter

David-Olivier Lacroix, Eligible Firefighter

Étienne Marchand, Eligible Firefighter

Sylvain Perrier, Eligible Firefighter

Alexandre Couture, Firefighter

Sébastien Godon-Leroux, Firefighter

Maxime Gervais-Lafetière, Firefighter

Mathieu Hertel de Rouville, Firefighter

Alain Larose, Firefighter

Carl Moïse, Firefighter

Pier-Alexandre Pineault, Firefighter

Yvon de Rouville, Firefighter

Claude Gingras, New Fire Hall Project Manager and Retired Captain

Valmont Aspiros, Retired Lieutenant

Claude Jean, Retired Firefighter

Benoit Payeur, Prevention Officer and Retired Firefighter


Individuals who contributed to the virtual exhibition:

Pierre Charron, Mayor of the City of Saint-Eustache

Chantal Cadorette, citizen of Saint-Eustache

Claude Robillard, citizen of Saint-Eustache

Jacques Normandeau, toxicologist

Jean-Claude Dufour, Knights of Columbus, Council 1813, Saint-Eustache

Luc Drolet, collector


Contributing organizations:

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Corporation du Moulin Légaré

City of Saint-Eustache Communications and Archives Departments


Exhibition Production Team:

Project Coordinator: Mélanie Séguin, Conseil Arts et Culture de Saint-Eustache

Resource people for developing content: Sylvie Aspiros, Captain, Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department, and Sébastien Godon-Leroux, Firefighter, Saint-Eustache Fire Safety Department

Research and writing: Christian Legault, historian

 Video production: Erik Johnson of Les Productions Satellite

Photography: Jonathan Lamarre, Mélissa Gariépy of Photographie M

Translation and revision: Aaron Bull et Alexia Moyer

The Virtual Museum of Canada team


Black and white photograph of a peaceful-faced man wearing ice-covered firefighter’s gear.