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Exciting Projects on the Horizon!

Soprema, a company with its head office in Strasbourg, France, began operating in Canada in 1978, choosing Drummondville for its North American headquarters. A manufacturer of waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing, and vegetated solutions for the construction industry, the company has always been involved in the community, beyond its business contributions to the economic vitality of the regions where it operates facilities. Soprema already owned a golf club in Strasbourg when it made a bid to buy the Drummondville Golf Club in 2018. The Club already had an excellent reputation, but the company’s directors intended to invest heavily to make it one of the most beautiful courses in the province.

Black and white photograph of the facade of the Soprema factory. It shows the sign on the large glass bay window and three loading docks.

Soprema factory, Haggerty Street, Drummondville, 1983.

Shareholders of the Club de Golf de Drummondville voted on the sale of the club to Soprema on October 23, 2018. The sale was approved by a vote of 74% in favour, although the sale only went through in 2019. The new owners went straight to the drawing board, designing plans to revitalize the entire site and to build a luxury hotel. The structuring and unifying project focused on enhancing the landscape and accentuating the scenery, including the St. Francis River that borders the grounds. Though some renovations had been done on the main building, the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in Quebec at the beginning of 2020 halted the new owners’ plans, pushing the expected finish date back further than originally planned.

Black and white photograph of the interior of the Soprema factory. It shows several machines in a concrete room.

Soprema factory, Drummondville, 1986.

Renovations resumed in the fall of 2022, with Soprema making it clear that they had plans for the Club de Golf de Drummondville to become a world-class site. Work is expected to be done over a two-year period staring in the fall of 2023. The Nicklaus Design company, founded by renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus, has been hired to redesign the golf course, with plans to shift the greens, install a new irrigation system, and make use of 300,000 square feet of previously unused land. The golf course owners have announced that the new hotel will be built in a style inspired by both Alsatian and Quebec villages. The resort will include forty guest rooms, a restaurant, a spa, conference rooms and a large reception hall, with an underground network linking the different buildings. There are also plans to set up a golf academy complete with a fully equipped training centre that will include ten virtual simulators.

Colour photograph showing an aerial view of the golf course in the autumn, along the Saint Francis River. It also shows the development of the city and the landscaping around the golf course.

Aerial view of the Drummondville Golf Club, Drummondville, 2021.