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This exhibition looks at how radio became an indispensable link between Canadians and the nation at home.
Black and white snapshot of kids playing hockey outdoors in Toronto around 1950.
Black and white portrait of Canadian pianist Willie Eckstein, photographed in 1928.
Black and white photograph of CBC radio broadcaster Marcel Ouimet in a military jeep. Photograph taken around 1944.
Black and white headshot of Marcel Ouimet holding a microphone reporting for the CBC from the frontline of World War II.
Black and white photograph of hockey player Maurice Richard in a Montreal Canadiens jersey.
Paper label in white and blue of a recording blank vinyl disc used for the home recording of an excerpt of the 1953 Stanley Cup final game.
Black and white CBC - Radio Canada logo used between 1940 and 1958 from a letterhead.
Black and white depiction of a medal commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Canada in 1927 with the profiles of George V and Queen Mary.
Black and white photograph of the main dining room of the Mount Royal Hotel in Montreal.
1940 Emerson radio with a hand turning a dial below a brass coloured frequency display window.
A set of headphones with black earpieces and a two-prong input at the end of the cotton covered cable.
A microphone photographed from a slightly diagonal view, showing the square front and the trapezoid shaped side.
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