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Rivière-Bleue’s strategic position

In Témiscouata there is a place where the three borders of Quebec, New Brunswick and Maine meet – at Rivière-Bleue.

A lake seen from above

The meeting point of the three borders is on Beau Lake, Rivière-Bleue. Source: Témiscouata RCM.

Founded in 1914, the village of Rivière-Bleue was expanding rapidly at the time that prohibition laws were being introduced. Its economy was mainly based on the lumber trade. This industry was greatly aided by the arrival of the Transcontinental Railroad in the same year. The train facilitated the transportation of lumber and the movement of workers, but it also hid important shipments of our smugglers contraband. The years following the First World War were marked by a real forestry boom, so much so that the population of Rivière-Bleue surpassed 1,800 inhabitants.

A man and two boys in front of the Rivière-Bleue station

Rivière-Bleue Station in about 1916 – 1917. Source: Corporation du Patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue.