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A colourful character

Reports unanimously describe Alfred Lévesque as a simple, generous, charitable and sociable man. The way he managed both his official and unofficial affairs proves to us that he had an innate sense of administration. Like many in the family, he inherited his father’s qualities as a businessman. Alfred was known to be very skilful and daring. He was a bold and resourceful smuggler, a natural leader. Over time, police surveillance was increasing, and the smugglers’ schemes to hide and transport their valuable cargo became cleverer and ever more ingenious. The means of transport were varied: schooners, trains, automobiles and even airplanes were used.

A crowd on a bridge watches a load of drink dropped down from the bridge

As a result of a car accident in 1925 a shipment of contraband fell off the Trois-Pistoles Bridge. Source: Marthe Lévesque.

Alfred was also known for his piety. According to the parish priest, in religion as in all things, Alfred Lévesque was always forthright and did not beat about the bush, as this anecdote from 1926 shows:

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We also learn from Father Thériault’s personal notes that he never missed Sunday mass and that it was his policy to always spend Sunday at home. Only very rarely did he miss it, and even then, he confessed to the priest, it was for serious reasons.