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Émile and Victoria, true bootleggers of Rivière-Bleue

Alfred left Rivière-Bleue after only a few years. His brother Émile bought the house in 1928 in order to take over the restaurant. He had just married Victoria Soucy, one of Alfred’s employees. They settled in Rivière-Bleue to start a family.

Young couple in front of a 1928 car

Victoria Soucy and Émile Lévesque on their honeymoon in the Gaspésie on July 11, 1928. Source: Marthe Lévesque.


Entrepreneurs at heart, they operated a restaurant and store as well as smuggling alcohol and cigarettes in the area, dissociating themselves from Alfred’s network. They had undoubtedly gained experience from working for it.

Despite several police searches, no evidence was ever found and they were never charged. They had good contacts, Émile’s lawyer being none other than the Prime Minister’s brother.

They gave their four children an excellent education and a life that was extraordinary for those times: trips to Florida and Mexico, stays at hunting and fishing outfitters… what a great life!

Portrait of four young adults

Victoria and Émile’s children: Jacqueline, Marthe, Rolande and Georges Lévesque. Source: Corporation du Patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue

All in all, the Lévesque brothers were daring people. Yes, they defied the law, but above all they enlivened a whole era by making sure they had fun and sharing it with the people around them.

Photo of a couple

Émile Lévesque and Vic Soucy. Source: Corporation du Patrimoine de Rivière-Bleue.