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Please browse the images included in our Knee High by the First of July exhibit. Click on an image to see an enlarged version with a description.
Colour photograph of a red and white barn-shaped historic train station, now the Agassiz-Harrison Museum and Visitor Information Centre.
Colour image capture of digital newspaper story from The Agassiz-Harrison Observer about Agassiz dairy farm fire, September 20, 2018.
Colour photograph of a field of tall corn stalks with small corn cobs.
Colour photograph of a black dog dressed as a corn dog on a parade float.
Colour photograph of a teenager wearing a plaid jacket driving an antique John Deere tractor in a parade.
Colour photograph of a group of university students dressed in cow costumes wearing pirate hats. They are standing on a Pirates of the Cowribbean float in a parade.
Black and white photograph of men working in a field using a McCormick-Deering thresher. A car is in the foreground and mountains are in the background. A wagon with barrels is adjacent to the thresher.
Black and white photograph of men processing corn for silage. They are standing beside a silo and piled cornstalks. Several men are standing behind a machine, feeding corn stalks into it.
Black and white photograph of a woman and two men standing in a corn field with a young calf. The woman is wearing a white outfit and the men are dressed in shirts and pants with hats.
Colour logo of The Corporation of the District of Kent. Sketch of yellow ears of corn.
Colour image of the Agassiz town site. Map illustrates roads, parks, and surrounding mountains, 2015.
Colour image of the District of Kent. Map with town sites and major roads, 2017.
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