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Agassiz: The Corn Capital of British Columbia

Black and white photograph of a woman and two men standing in a corn field with a young calf. The woman is wearing a white outfit and the men are dressed in shirts and pants with hats.

The strong relationship between Agassiz cows and corn. Madeline Appel, Aime Sache and Jim Cuthbert around harvest time, circa 1930 to 1940.

The fertile soils and temperate climate of the Agassiz-Harrison Valley have enabled Agassiz’s farmers to consistently produce successful and bountiful crops. As a result, Agassiz has been awarded the title Corn Capital of British Columbia. In fact, The District of Kent has created a logo, an ear of corn, and a slogan for the area it governs to reflect this designation. All District documents, equipment, and government vehicles are branded with this logo.


Colour logo of District of Kent, Agassiz. Lettering is green and yellow.

District of Kent logo with ear of corn, 2018.


Residents of the District of Kent and surrounding communities are familiar with the melt-in-your-mouth taste of Agassiz corn. They are proud of this crop and are willing to bet that the quality of Agassiz corn cannot be matched elsewhere. An ideal feast for Agassizites consists of Agassiz corn, Fraser River salmon, and local blackberries.


Black and white Agassiz Farm Fresh Market logo. Vegetables and fruit circle the words.

Agassiz Farm Fresh Market logo, 2018.


Agassiz’s farmers are also entrepreneurs. Residents and visitors alike can purchase their corn to eat at home. Local farm stands, the Agassiz Farm Fresh Market, and the Sparkes Drive Thru corn barns are situated throughout the eastern Fraser Valley from late August until mid-October.