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Colour image of sign surrounded by trees, fallen leaves, and lawn with sky in background

Balsam Lake Park Store GAS Sign

“Are We There Yet?” Highway-Based Tourism In Kawartha Lakes would not have been possible without the following individuals, institutions, and organizations. Together, their contributions of skills, stories, artefacts, archival material, and other information brought this exhibit to fruition.

Project Coordinator, Researcher, and Writer: Ian McKechnie
Project Administration: Shelly Peeken
Videography and Video-Editing: Ekaterine Alexakis
Translation: Lyne Archembault
French Editing: Kate McNeice

Roderick Benns, The Lindsay Advocate
Cameron Bevers, Ministry of Transportation
Sandra Bodfish
Vern Bryan, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Ian Burney, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Charles Cooper (1933-2023)
Bev Ewen (1943-2022), Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Dr. Rae Fleming (1944-2022)
Charles Gloster, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Carolyn Harrison, née Oliver
Lisa Hart
Shawnee Hayward, Reference Librarian, Kawartha Lakes Public Library
Edward Wayne Hilton
Christine Johnstone, Curator of Museum Operations, Ontario Provincial Police Museum
Rebekah Kennedy, Reference Librarian, Kawartha Lakes Public Library
Nadine Little, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Ken Luff, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Sandra Mark, Senior Copyright Advisor, Publications Ontario
Sean Marshall, Geographer
Caryn MacLoghlin, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Natalie McMorrow, Ontario Parks
Ian McQuarrie
Jordan Murphy, Balsam Lake Provincial Park
Linda Oliver
Terri Pamenter
Susan Paterson
Jason Rago, Balsam Lake Park Store
Moni Rago, Balsam Lake Park Store
Frank Sokol, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Karin Taylor, Collections Specialist, Ontario Provincial Police Museum
Kim Tuckett
Margaret Valentine
Glenn Walker, Curator, Maryboro Lodge: The Fenelon Museum
Sharron Walker, Kirkfield & District Historical Society
Graeme Watson, Ministry of Transportation
Catherine Whitnall, Kawartha Lakes This Week
David Wires
Robert Wires, Balsam Lake Provincial Park
Paul Zaborowski, Shedden Historical Society


Vintage vehicle in front of building with tree in foreground and sky in background

The Kirkfield Museum Welcomes Visitors Travelling Through Northwestern Kawartha Lakes

If you are visiting northwestern Kawartha Lakes, the Kirkfield & District Historical Society invites you to stop by the Kirkfield Museum. Located in a former church, this community museum features a variety of exhibits and regularly schedules a number of special events. Please visit the Kirkfield & District Historical Society’s website (available in English only) to learn more.

This exhibition was supported by the Community Stories Investment Program of Digital Museums Canada, which helps smaller Canadian museums and heritage organizations work with their communities to develop online exhibits that engage audiences in the stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities.

“Are We There Yet?” Highway-Based Tourism In Kawartha Lakes is dedicated to the memory of Charles Cooper, Bev Ewen and Rae Fleming, who died while the exhibit was still in production. Through their insatiable interest in retelling the stories of our community, they took us on many unforgettable journeys down the highway of history.