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Some of F-X’s Boats Are Still Sailing (subtitles available in FR and EN) – Watch the video with its transcription (EN)

François-Xavier Lachance’s heritage survives to this day in the most tangible of forms: some of the boats he built are still on the water, carefully tended to by their proud owners.

Color photograph of a white yacht, profile, on a blue sea. The upper deck is converted into a terrace with barbecue and canvas shelter.

The Marie-Antoine in the Caribbean, 2012.

F-X’s grandson Jean-François Lachance, who has tasked himself with compiling an archive and ensuring his grandfather’s memory lives on, has tracked some of them down. In the Caribbean, there’s the Marie-Antoine, a splendid 45ˈ-long motor yacht built in 1960, and the Jamboree,a 42ˈ-long ketch (2-masted sailboat) built for the Price family in 1951. These boats are still sailing today, which is a testament to the high quality of his workmanship and talent.

Color photograph of a white sailboat, profile, engraved

The Aléa in Québec City, 2017.

Meanwhile, in Québec City the owner of the Aléa, a 45-footer built in 1962, has restored the boat to her former glory; in Saint-Laurent one of the many small yachts built for Hydro-Québec remains afloat; and, last but not least, the Stella-Maris sailboat and a number of other rowboats built by F-X are the pride and joy of the Musée maritime du Québec and the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent, where they are preserved and displayed for all to admire.