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Browse the gallery below to see all the images, videos and audio recordings from the exhibition "François-Xavier Lachance: An Exceptional Craftsman and Builder of Wooden Boats on Île d'Orleans". Click on the various items to enlarge the pictures and read the descriptions, or to listen and see the audio and video recordings.
Black and white photograph of François-Xavier Lachance, aged, sitting outside on a pile of materials, holding a wooden molding.
Black and white photograph of three white yachts, with hoisted sails, anchored near the shore.
Black and white photograph showing the parents of François-Xavier Lachance, their 13 children and their dog. All look at the camera, sitting or standing in front of a woodlot.
Old map drawn by hand, in shades of beige. The islands and the banks are very detailed. The inscriptions are in English.
Black and white photograph where three men push a rowboat on the snowy shore. The boat is tied behind a sledge pulled by a horse on which stands a coachman. In the background are a building and three sailboats on the shore.
Black and white photograph showing four wooden buildings in the background. In front is a bay where a small masted boat is docked on the rocky shore.
Painted portrait of Alphonse-Liguori Lachance, with a beard and wearing a dark coat with white shirt and tie.
Current photography showing traditional carpentry tools, including a planer, a punch and a jig. The tools are placed on a workbench, next to a metal plate inscribed with F.X. Lachance.
Black and white photograph of a wooden building and cedar shingles, with two dormers. Several boards and materials are backed on it. The church of Saint-Laurent is visible in the background, on the left.
Color photograph showing the relocation by boat of a wooden and cedar shingles rowboat shop. The building sits on a trailer pulled by a truck, all mounted on a barge. Five workers are on the barge or near the shore. Curious children and adults watch the scene.
Black and white photograph of a large white wooden rowboat, looking brand new, on the road. Two houses, a field and a barn are visible in the background.
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