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Credits and Thanks

This virtual exhibition was produced by the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent and its partners.

The Parc Maritime wishes to warmly thank Jean-François Lachance, grandson of François-Xavier Lachance, who was the instigator of this great adventure. His passion, his generosity and his great knowledge of the life of his grandfather have shed light on the career of this exceptional man.

Credits :

General direction : Sylviane Pilote
Coordination of the exhibition : Martin Fournier

Documentary and iconographic research : Jean-François Lachance
Texts: Martin Fournier

Video capture, editing and direction: Philippe Dubois

Interviews: Martin Fournier
Interview participants: Jeanine Lachance, Jean-François Lachance and Karine Vachon-Soulard
Current photographs: Martin Fournier

Content integration and layout: Philippe Dubois
Main translation: Peter McCambridge
Translation of alternative texts : Philippe Dubois, Martin Fournier and Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent

Thanks :

Jean-Guy Lachance for first-hand information about his father F-X Lachance;
Jeanne d’Arc Delisle for access to filming locations;
The Laboratoire d’enquête ethnologique et multimédia of Laval University for the loan of equipment;
Diane Bélanger for permission to use the interview she conducted with F-X Lachance in 1984.

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This exhibition was supported by the Community Stories investment program of the Virtual Museum of Canada, which helps smaller Canadian museums and heritage organizations work with their communities to develop virtual exhibits that engage online audiences in the stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities.