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An Example to All

The Influence of a Grandfather (subtitles available in FR and EN) – Watch the video with its transcription (EN)

Despite the important role navigation on the St. Lawrence has played in the history of Canada—the country was founded and developed thanks to the river—maritime heritage tends to be often overlooked compared to heritage buildings or traditions like music and the sugaring-off season, for example.

François-Xavier Lachance is the very embodiment of Québec’s maritime heritage, representing the shipbuilding families who settled on its islands and shores, as well as the know-how those families developed as sailors, shipbuilders, and business people and the uses they found for Canada’s wood, an abundant resource. Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that boating became an increasingly popular pastime among the French-Canadian middle and upper classes, which grew throughout the 20th century.

Photograph of a white sailboat with dark cabin, sailing sails deployed under the sun. Six people are on board. Fields are visible in the background.

The Stella-Maris, circa 1953.

The story of François-Xavier Lachance is an extraordinary learning opportunity and deserves to be celebrated, both for his unique achievements—his professional success, remarkable talent, and generous personality—and as an example to all.

Sharing Maritime Heritage (subtitles available in FR and EN) – Watch the video with its transcription (EN)