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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Forman Hawboldt - Entrepreneur and Inventor. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A yellow booklet cover featuring a drawing of a propeller with black printing advertising Hawboldt Industries Limited , as specialists in propellers with a price list for June 1st 1969.
A black and white picture showing a man, Frank Hawboldt, Forman’s son, dressed in casual work clothes, standing in the door way of Hawboldt Gas Engines. Also in the picture a six horse power marine gasoline engine with 4 cylinders and a fly wheel. The sign says foundry and machine work, manufactures of marine engines and automatic water pumps.
A black and white photo of the company showing the office on North Street with the two-storey machine shop at the back and the domed roof welding and foundry buildings to the left of the machine shop. The worker’s parking lot is shown in the foreground next to the stream.
A black and white photo showing the water rushing over the Chester Electric dam on the East River. The dam, constructed of concrete has the date 1919 on it.
A black and white photo showing the dam on the East River with the gates closed, the water swirling at the foot of the dam and then continuing down the river. On the bank to the right, two large pipes that carried the water to the generating station.
A black and white photo showing the rounded roof of the generating station on the East River, with the river running from under the station. On the right of the generating station, a small house which was where the operator of the generating station lived with his family.
A small white building with large store windows and a door way on the right. This small building was the office of Chester Electric on Duke Street in Chester. It has since been torn down and replaced with a modern residence
Halifax and Southwestern Railway and Canadian National Railways passenger train schedule board for the Bridgewater station, 1920s. The times and stops for all stations and whistle stops are listed. This was the train that stopped at Chester and filled water and coal for the trip from Halifax to Bridgewater.
A blue and white engineer’s plan to accompany the agreement of the installation of the pipe and water supply between Hawboldt Gas Engines and the Halifax and Southwestern Railway Company in 1928. This shows the rail line, the water pipe location and all abutting property and owners at that time.
A copy of the agreement between Hawboldt Gas Engines and the Halifax and Southwestern Railway Company to provide water beginning May 1, 1928 at a rental fee of $35.00 per annum.
A black and white photo of the two-storey jewelry store with two shop windows and a door in the middle, close to the road. The top floor has two smaller windows. To the right on a rise, set back from the road, with a wire fence by the street, a three storey shingled house with steps leading up to the front door, dormer windows on the right of the front steps and a veranda along the left front of the house. The house sports gingerbread trim, many windows and a steeply pitched roof.
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