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Hawboldt Industries in the 21st Century

Un bâtiment avec un toit beige, long et plat en métal avec une porte d’entrée au centre. Ce bâtiment à un étage abrite actuellement Hawboldt Industries. Il se trouve sur la Route 14 à la sortie du village de Chester.

Ihe large Hawboldt plant today

Now part of the Timberland Group and operating as Hawboldt Industries (1989) Ltd., the company moved to a new $3.5 million, 40,000 sq. ft. facility on the Windsor Road in 1999. Although there are no longer any Hawboldt family members with ownership interests, the firm continues to use the name in recognition of Forman Hawboldt’s vision and ability to pursue emerging opportunities.

Several of the largest contracts in Hawboldt’s history were signed in the wake of a natural disaster. In 2007, after Hurricane Katrina devastated so many communities and industries in the U.S. Gulf States, the Hawboldt firm offered their assistance and expertise. As a result, they secured contracts to supply equipment to the offshore oil and gas industries.

In addition to its North American client base, Hawboldt’s has expanded into markets in Europe and Southeast Asia. Their products include custom-designed propellers, winches, and launch and recovery systems used by defence vessels and fishing, oceanographic research and the offshore industries.

Today the company maintains its own sales, engineering and manufacturing departments located under one roof on the Windsor Road. It employs a highly-skilled workforce of fifty employees.

The colour photo show three scenes from the interior of Hawboldt Industries today. The top picture shows the main work area and the equipment they use, the second picture pictures a worker welding a piece of metal at a work station and the final photo shows a worker standing at a desk, in front of a bank of dials working on a project design.

Current Products

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