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Forman Hawboldt


A black and white photo of Forman Hawboldt showing a man with little hair, wide spaced eyes, with a pleasant look, dressed in suit and tie.

A portrait of Forman Hawboldt

Forman Charles Hawboldt was born on 3 September 1876 in Marriott’s Cove, Nova Scotia. He was the son of David and Mary Hennigar Hawboldt and a direct descendant of Gotlieb Hawboldt who emigrated from Germany and settled in Chester in 1782.

Forman married Eva Evans in Chester on 5 June 1902, listing ‘watchmaker’ as his profession on their marriage certificate. Forman and Eva had five children: twins Christine Marie and Harvey Bruce, Blanche Pauline, Mabel Irene and Frank Harold.

He owned a jewelry and watch repair store next to his home on Queen Street but much preferred spending time in his backyard workshop. No one knows how he first learned about gasoline engine technology but he clearly envisioned its application to the inshore fishery.

A two- story building with large front windows was the Hawboldt jewelry store, next to it the Hawboldt three- story residence that burned down in 1935.

Forman Hawboldt House

Forman Hawboldt’s contributions to industry and his community were formidable. In addition to his manufacturing enterprises, he was a founding member of the Chester Water Supply System, the Manager and Director of the Chester Light and Power Company, and served on Municipal Council between 1918 and 1921.  Forman died on September 4, 1951 and is buried in the Chester (New) Baptist Pine Hill Cemetery.

Alan Bremner who worked for Hawboldt’s until he retired.

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Chester Map with Locations


  1. Original foundry
  2. Hawboldt House
  3. Jewelry store
  4. Jewelry store today
  5. Hawboldt foundry
  6. Stream from Stanford Lake
  7. Hawbolt house – second residence
  8. North Street
  9. Chester Electric Generating Station