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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan

Metal lathe made of metal salvage materials.
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Bed frame used to make a cattle gate for a cattle  chute.
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Gate for cattle chute made of combine rub bars and metal.
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A  pasture gate made from a  bed frame
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Two horse drawn rigs created from a Chev car.
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An old combine hopper  is used as a grain feeder for cattle.
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A van was well used.
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Horse drawn grader now pulled by a tractor.
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A stool made of metal bands and scrap wood.
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A high chair made for a child .The material was packing boxes.
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Apple boxes were used to make  storage shelves.
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Orange boxes were used  to make baskets to gather eggs.
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A cheese box was used for storage
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Cheese box was covered  with fabric to make a stool  and  storage container..
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A plant stand / corner table made from scrap lumber.
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A table made with thread spools
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Detail of spool table
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Plant stand made from part of a tree.
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