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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan

A prairie garden in August
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Pioneers used vegetables they stored for winter.
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Pioneers used and stored corn and onions.
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Pioneers canned fruits and vegetables for winter use.
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Black currents canned by Mrs. J.A. Thomson
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Making pickles and canning were important  methods  pioneers used  to preserve food.
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Pioneers used saskatoons and other native fruit
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Pioneers used crabapples  and fruits they planted on their prairie farms.
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Pioneers used ornamental plants and flowers to make their yards beautiful.
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Some pioneers learned to use native plants.
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Metal cans were used and reused.
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Metal lard pail used for a lunch pail.
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Lard containers were very useful.
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A pail reused to store cookies for many years
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An old can used for a plant pot.
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An old metal pan covered with putty and buttons to make a plant  container  for dried plants.
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Ornate candle holder made from tin cans.
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Lids of metal cans were used to patch floors or buildings.
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