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McCord, Saskatchewan

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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan

An autograph  quilt used as a fund raiser for Twin Valley School.
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Varsity  ball team - one of the many competative teams from the area.
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A race at Summercove Fair - one of the area events for entertainment and education.
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A tractor at Suumercove Fair used for competition and demonstration.
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Men use horse riding skills for rodeo event at Summercove Fair
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Pioneers and their children  skate and play hockey on the river.
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McTaggart's Picnic - An educational ,agricultural,  enjoyable event.  (A  judging competition )
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Local people play music at McCord History Book Launch
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Can and bottle recycling for McCord Recreation Centre
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Paper recycling collection building in McCord.
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McCord Seniors create a Community  Park
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People of McCord reuse CPR station and a caboose for a museum.
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Historic church was  reused as part of McCord Museum in Saskatchewan
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