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Pioneers Use, Reduce, Re-cycle, and Reuse in McCord and southern Saskatchewan

Mules were used to move Tideys store from Summercove to the new railway town of McCord.
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Cattle were very useful to homesteaders.
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Cattle use the native prairie  for grazing.
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Cattle use a McCord area pasture
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Settlers and their families used milk from cows.
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Milk strainer, milk and cream separator, and butter churns
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Cream was used to make ice cream for Varsity Ladies Aid Picnic
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5 gallon ice cream freezer that belonged to Varsity Ladies Aid
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Flour sack embroidered with family name for beef ring portions.
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Soap made from beef fat and lye used to wash clothes.
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Pioneers raised chickens and poultry for eggs, meat , and feathers.
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A duck wing was used as a good whisk for cleaning tasks around the house..
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Pioneers used fur coats for warmth .A man's coat of unknown type of fur.
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A horse hide was used to make a warm robe.
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Roy Nelson made a coat of badger skins.
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Pioneers grew gardens and used plants to improve their lives.
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Working in the garden.
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A prairie vegetable garden
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