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Taming the Kootenay

Pounding planks vertically into the ground to deflect the river's water away from the dykes.
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Sandbags and wood structures brace the dykes against breaking.
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Women serving sandwiches and coffee to the men that were working on the dykes during the 1948 flood.
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Planks placed on the river side of the dykes to minimize wind and wave erosion.
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Sandbag wall reinforcing the dyke.
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Burton Bishop and John Verkirk, among others, helping in the sandbagging efforts.
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Wynndel pumphouse underwater during the 1938 flood.
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After the flood of 1938 plans were underway to rebuild the damaged dykes and homes.
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Men working to strengthen the dykes.
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Work being done to rebuild and clean up the land after flooding.
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Bracing the dykes on the Kootenay flats.
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Bob Comfort's cattle swimming in flood waters.
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Ad in the Creston Review, for women to feed and help the men who were working on the dykes.
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A view of the Creston Flats in 1947.
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The Creston Review reported the breaks in the dykes and the flood relief efforts that were underway.
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The start of the breach in the dykes, June 8, 1948.
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Flooded farms and homes south of Creston.
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Flood waters at the West Creston ferry landing.
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