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Taming the Kootenay

Filling sandbags that were used to brace the dykes and stop them from cracking.
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Men working to clean up the flats and prevent any further flooding.
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Sandbagging and reinforcing the dykes to stop the flooding.
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Another view of the sandbagging efforts.
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Sandbagging on the Creston flats.
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A wall of sandbags on the flats below Wynndel.
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Sandbags being stacked in wooden frames along the inside of the dykes.
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Men being fed sandwiches and coffee by local women's organizations after working on the flats.
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Serving food to the men on the flats.
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Taking a lunchbreak while working on the flats to prevent the flooding.
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Bob Maxwell's boat, used as transportation on the flats during floods.
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Flood waters creep across R.B. Staples' row crops.
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People kept their machinery on top of the dykes or on higher ground during the floods.
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R.B. Staples being stopped by a policeman.
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Police refusing vehicles access to the lower roads after the dykes broke.
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Map of Duck Lake Dyking District.
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An aerial view of Duck Lake, looking south.
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The Creston Review reported on the plans to dyke Duck Lake.
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