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Taming the Kootenay

The Ryckman house at the West Creston ferry, 1948.  There were 24 feet of water at the ferry.
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Margaret Berg and her daughter Marion, bringing a snack out to the men combining on the flats.
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George Ramseier operating a 1941 Massey-Harris self-propelled combine, on his farm on Nick's Island.
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Archie Beatty (on tractor) and Ernie Geneau (on combine), combining wheat on George Ramseier's farm.
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Clipping from the Vancouver Sun, June 1948, showing the flood waters on the Creston flats.
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Boundary Dyke showing the rising creek and the seepage behind the dyke.
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Stacking sandbags in an effort to reinforce the dykes.
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Flood waters across the width of the Creston Valley.
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Once the dykes broke, the entire Creston Valley  was underwater.
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Looking north across the flats covered with flood water.
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Sandbags being used to build up the top of the dyke.
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A dyke showing tire tracks, made when a vehicle started sinking into the mud.
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Floodwaters rising along the dykes.
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Looking west across the flooded flats from Wynndel.
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Troughs inserted into holes in the dykes to funnel water out of the dykes.
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Art Winters pulling a wheelbarrow.
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1941 Massey Harris combine arriving at the Creston Museum.
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Pump installations on Reclamation Dyking District.
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