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Taming the Kootenay

A map of dykes along the Kootenay River
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After the completion of the major portion of the dyking project in October of 1935.
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The Creston Review gave up to date information to the public about the details of the 1938 flood.
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View of the Creston Flats flooded in the spring of 1938.
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Flood waters overflow the banks of the river in 1938.
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Flooding of agricultural land on the Creston Flats.
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Road looking out over Creston flats of beginnings of flood.
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Flood waters destroyed crops and damaged homes on the flats.
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Flooding of the farmland.
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The Goat River channel flooding, 1938
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Harry Christenson with one of his scrapers repairing flood damage to the dykes.
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A wall of planks, driven into the ground on the outside of the dykes, to deflect the river's water.
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Water rises along the dykes.  Sandbags are being placed to strengthen the dykes.
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Plank boadwalks enabled workers to stay above the muddy ground.
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Filling sandbags on the flats.
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Filling sandbags.
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A line of men working passing sandbags quickly to stop seepage.
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Men working to strengthen the dykes and sandbag against the rising water.
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