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Taming the Kootenay

Flooding of the flats due to the high water of the Kootenay River.
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Flooding of the farms in the Creston Valley.
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Aerial view of the Creston Valley, looking north from below the international border.
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Guy Constable
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Guy Constable on a farm on the flats with his Model A.
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The Creston Review reported on the plans to reclaim and dyke the Kootenay Flats.
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Hay crops being harvested on the Creston Flats.
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The Reclamation farmhouse during the 1920 flood.  The Rogers family moved into this house in 1929.
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Reclamation farmhouse during the 1923 flood.
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A board and nails from the Reclamation farmhouse.
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Tot Rogers' house during a flood on the Creston flats.
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The Holben combine on Reclamation Farm.
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Kootenay River at Bonner's Ferry.
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Dredge in Porthill working on dyking the river.
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A native woman by the name of Anastasia with her canoe at the edge of the flood waters.
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The camp of Louie Luke on the flats near West Creston.
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Teepees of the Ktunaxa people located half a mile upstream of the West Creston ferry.
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Photo taken near Kootenay Valley road looking onto the flats before dyking.
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