Craigflower Manor and Schoolhouse
Victoria, British Columbia

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The Craigflower Sesquicentenary
Hot Spot: Craigflower School

Craigflower Schoolhouse today
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Schoolhouse 150th Celebration in 2005
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Craigflower Farm taken from the Gorge
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Craigflower Schoolhouse as seen from the farm
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Craigflower Schoolhouse's first class with parents and families
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Craigflower, 1951
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Craigflower farm artists rendering
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Craigflower Farm taken from the apple orchard
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View of Craigflower school, bridge, manor, grist mill, and labourers cottages.
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Panaramic view of the school, bridge, manor and buildings just before the HBC sold the land.
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View of Craigflower schoolhouse from the farm
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Goodie McKenzie at Craigflower school with two children from California
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Panarama shot of Craigflower today
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