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Welcome to the photo gallery of The Fintry Ayrshires: Scottish Cattle in the Far West. To view larger images and read further, please click on each photo.
Green and white logo of a four-leafed clover with the letter H in each leaf. Underneath, the words Canada, 4-H British Columbia.
Black and white photo of a gabled house, two smaller buildings to the right, hill in background.
Colour photo of a green handcart with one small front wheel and two large rear wheels.
Sepia photo of an excerpt from a newspaper article.
Sepia photo of a newspaper image of a man with a cow.
Image in yellow with black print of a newspaper article.
Sepia photo of a man holding a rope to a horned cow.
Colour photo of a white building with two hexagonal wings.
Sepia colourized photo of a smiling man with white hair and wearing a brown shirt.
Image of a sepia and brown certificate.
Black and white photo of a view looking down to buildings and a large lake.
Black and white photo of three boys and two calves in front of an eight-sided barn.
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