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“Gold Mining to Gold Medals: A Century of Ski Racing in Rossland” was possible because of the following individuals, volunteers, and organizations. We came together to tell the inspiring and important story of how ski racing got started in Rossland. We thank everyone who was involved.

Project Team

Research: Nadia van Asselt, Tyler Bignell, Sarah Taekema-Slot
English Writers: Nadia van Asselt, Sarah Taekema-Slot, Tyler Bignell
Copy Editing: Sarah Taekema-Slot, Joelle Hodgins, Sara Wright, Tyler Bignell
French Translator: Catherine Jean (English & Vous), Amynte Eygun
Comparative Editor: Amynte Eygun
Website Designer: Nadia van Asselt
Audio Editors: Nadia van Asselt, Berry Dale, Isabella Ranallo, Maggie Dudek, Fraser Sutherland
Videography: Ben Walker
Artefact Photography: Sara Wright
Project Coordinators: Sarah Taekema-Slot, Nadia van Asselt


Digital Museums Canada provided funding for the development of the exhibit. The Trail & District Arts Council provided funding for the production of videos with community members. Photos from the Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre’s photo collection, digitized in-house and by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History helped bring the story to life visually.

Community Members

The Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre thanks the community members of Rossland, British Columbia for making this project possible.This project is a celebration of our community’s volunteerism and spirit for over one hundred years. We could not have done it without the many community members willing to share their stories, provide photos and artefacts, respond to questions, etc.

We are indebted to Libby Martin, Patricia Stevens, Ruth Grubisic, Al Fisher, Ginger Baines, Richie Mann, Joan Hanson, John Platt, and Alice Chiko for participating in brainstorming and feedback meetings and always being willing to answer questions.

We are grateful that Ginger Baines, Butch Boutry, Al Fisher, Ruth Grubisic, Fiona Martin, Libby Martin, Nancy Greene Raine, Don Stevens, Patricia Stevens, Robin Valentine, and Sean Valentine were willing to be interviewed for the Rossland Memories Oral History Project. Their stories will inspire the next generations of skiers and enrich the exhibit by providing colour and context to the text.

Click on each photo to learn more about the interviewees:

Profile picture of Ginger Baines.

Ginger Baines

Profile picture of Butch Boutry.

Butch Boutry

Profile picture of Al Fisher.

Allan Fisher

Profile picture of Ruth Grubisic.

Ruth Grubisic

Profile picture of Fiona Martin.

Fiona Martin

Profile picture of Libby Martin.

Libby Martin

Profile picture of Nancy Greene Raine.

Nancy Greene Raine

Profile picture of Don Stevens.

Don Stevens

Profile picture of Patricia Stevens.

Patricia Stevens

Profile picture of Robin Valentine.

Robin Valentine



Profile picture of Sean Valentine.

Sean Valentine