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Acadian Removal at Remsheg, August 15, 1755

Steven's Hill Dyke approximately 2 metres above high tide mark
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Dyke in front of  Steven's Hill, looking east out into Tatamagouche Bay
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Dewar River at extremely low tide. Thought to be site of Acadian Floating Bridge on old French Road
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Steven's Hill, viewing from what is said to be the old French Road Bridge over the Dewar River
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Steven's Hill from Dewar River
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Small brook estuary just south of Steven's Hill
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Drainage ditch from aboiteau on Dewar River
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Acadian Dyke on Dewar River
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Dewar River drainage ditch at extremely low tide, carved 300 years ago
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Aboiteau in an Acadian Dyke
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Erosion's effect on 300 year old Acadian Dyke
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End of dyke on Dewar River, where it turns upland to seal the dyke
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Foundation stones of Acadian home on Steven's Hill, Dewar River, Malagash
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Foundation stones from an Acadian Dwelling near the Dewar River
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Acadian Building Foundation Stones
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A 1.5 metre wide well, with foundation stones on the surface
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Moss covered Acadian dwelling foundation stones
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Stones from a small Acadian house
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