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Acadian Removal at Remsheg, August 15, 1755

Dyke on Long Brook, Wallace Bay
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Long Brook dykes along each side of the brook, capturing only a small width of fertile soil
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Wallace Bay North, several dykes in the distance
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Dykes on Wallace Bay near mouth of Akerly Brook
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Dykes at Fox Harbour, showing Fox Creek and David Creek
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Fox Creek Dyke during spring ice breakup in Fox Harbour
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Fox Creek viewing south towards Fox Harbour; dykes on right
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Dyke located across the highway from Fox Harbour United Church
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Dykes on Fox Creek, Fox Harbour; possible site for an old Acadian mill
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Museum Assistant Jim Reeves marking height of dyke at possible Acadian mill site on Fox Creek
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Jim Reeves walking along dyke at Fox Creek to mark point of possible18th century mill dam
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Aerial photo of Brown's Bay; dyke partly shown, extending from bridge upwards on left bank of bay
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Dyke on Brown's Bay in North Wallace, once the townsite for United Empire Loyalist settlers in 1784
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Brown's Bay Dyke, North Wallace, also the 1783 site of a proposed United Empire Loyalist townsite
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According to calculations, this Tuttle Creek dyke protected over 35 hectare of rich marsh, farm land
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Dyke along Tuttle Creek facing north-west
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Top of Tuttle Creek Dyke facing north-east; dyke fronts on Wallace Bay, facing north-east gales
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Interior of Tuttle Creek Dyke, a nearly 2 km dyke proven to have preserved 35 acres of marsh land
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