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Acadian Removal at Remsheg, August 15, 1755

Captain Willard stopped a few miles from Cobiquid to read his sealed orders
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Re-enactment of twenty British and New England soldiers on a march through the woods to Remsheg
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Acadian expulsion orders being carried out in Remsheg
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Map of 17th Century France showing the area in Normandy from which many of the French came to Acadia
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Dykes and Aboiteaus
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Diagram of a working dyke
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Rich marshland at Remsheg Bay, first seen by Acadian farmers in about 1710
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Model of working aboiteau; in the foreground are drainage ditches sloping to the aboiteau at the top
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Model of a working aboiteau
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Map of North Cumberland County area with evidence of Acadian habitation
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Enterance to Remsheg Bay from the Northumberland Strait
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Aerial photo of Wallace Bay including Akerly Brook and Long Brook
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Aerial photo of Wallace Bay, Akerly Brook on left and Long Brook on right
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Dyke at Akerly Brook - note the small amount of farmable land secured by building a dyke
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A west bank river dyke with a small amount of secured farmland at Akerly Brook
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Dykes along Akerly Brook
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Dykes visable on both sides of Akerly Brook
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Akerly Brook; shows the large amount of work needed to secure just a small amount of farmable land
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