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The History of Shipbuilding in Marystown, NL, Canada

The History of Shipbuilding in Marystown
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I's Da B'y That Builds the Boat, Traditional, Performed by Con Fitzpatrick
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Introduction to Shipbuilding in Marystown (Con Fitzpatrick)
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Marystown crest, depicting our shipbuilding, fishing and oil heritage.
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A map of Newfoundland showing the proximity of Marystown to the offshore oil fields.
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Map of Mortier Bay showing the location of Marystown.
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An aerial view of the Town of Marystown, circa 1977.
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Scenic view of Marystown North.
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The opening of Canning Bridge in September 1959.
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Ceremonial gathering for the opening of Canning Bridge joining Marystown South and Marystown North.
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Stapleton's Point and Sandy Point (Con Fitzpatrick)
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Typical water wheel driven sawmill operated in the Marystown area during the 1920s to the 1940s.
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The General Byng under construction at Stapleton's Point in 1918-1920.
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The General Byng sinking.
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The General Byng sinking.
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The Jean and Mary under construction.
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The Jean and Mary constructed and awaiting launch at Sandy Point in 1919.
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John P. and Hannah Farrell, surrounded by family, preparing to launch their trap skiff.
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