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Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador

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The History of Shipbuilding in Marystown, NL, Canada




The tradition of shipbuilding in Mortier Bay, Newfoundland predates settlement. Documents from the early 1800s refer to shipbuilding in the bay by fishermen from all around the Placentia Bay area.

The types of boats built in Marystown and surrounding settlements over the years ranged from: trap skiffs and dories, 20 to 30 ton Western Boats, 50 ton schooners, the large 196 ton 3 masted tern schooners, magnetic minesweepers for World War II, longliners, 750 ton steel draggers, 900 ton ferries, coast guard and fishery patrol vessels, harbour tugs, and the state of the art 1800 ton offshore supply tugs.

The shipyard at Marystown is currently preparing for installation of modules and commissioning of the 'Sea Rose,' a floating oil production ship to develop the 'White Rose' offshore oil well.


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