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The History of Olympic Bids

The current site of Village Square, where Araxi Restaurant and Citta's are located.
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View of the Village Square, which is home to the Amsterdam Pub, La Bocca and the Brasserie.
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The clocktower, shown under construction, has become a landmark along Whistler's Village Stroll.
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Aerial view of the town center under Phase One construction in October 1979.
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This image shows more development added during Phase One construction.
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Village Square where the pharmacy, Moguls coffee shop and Armcharm Books are located.
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Image showing Municipal Hall with the Fire Station in the background.
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The first community ice rink, located outside a school parking lot, was created in 1979.
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Image of Whistler town centre under construction in 1981.
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Whistler's Medical Clinic was originally located in a temporary portable.
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Blackcomb Mountain opens.
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Whistler's first golf course, created in 1981 by the municipality, only had nine holes.
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Image of Blackcomb Mountain, which officially opened for skiing in 1980.
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Mayor Pat Carleton officially opening Blackcomb ski area on December 4th, 1980.
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Image of Blackcomb Mountain and the Benchlands, the area located at the base of the mountain.
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Plaque marking the addition of chairlifts on the mountain by Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation.
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Image of Creekside's parking lot, which is constantly jammed with vehicles.
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Image showing the difficult course of the 1982 World Cup Downhill.
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