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The History of Olympic Bids

Crowds gathering in Whistler's Village Square to hear who would host the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.
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People gather to watch the Olympic Bid decision live from Prague, Czechoslovakia.
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Spirits were high as a massive Canadian flag was passed from hand to hand over the crowd.
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Crowds listened as the IOC president announced that Vancouver would host the 2010 Olympic Games.
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Olympic 2010 banners
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Whistler: past, present, future
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Past GODA President and longtime Whistler local Garry Watson speaks about the 1968 Olympic Bid.
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This short video features comments on the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association (GODA).
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Video of John Fraser commenting on the development of Whistler Mountain in the 1960s.
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Video about the role Franz Wilhelmsen played in the development of Whistler Mountain.
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This short video explains how the current site for Whistler Village was selected.
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This is a short video about what Whistler was like in its earliest stages.
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Video of Gerry Watson discussing the relationship between bid and development phases in Whistler.
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Video discussing how the 1976 Olympic Bid resulted in the development of Whistler's Village.
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Video of Mayor of Whistler, Hugh O'Reilly, talking about the 2010 Bid and the community of Whistler.
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This short video is about the 2010 Olympic Bid and the community of Whistler.
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This short video is about how Whistler has grown into a community that supports Olympic ideals.
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Video showing how the 2010 Olympics will provide increased amenities for local residents.
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