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The History of Olympic Bids

The long lineup in the parking lot outside the Creekside Gondola Barn shows Whistler's popularity.
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In the 1960s, the Ski Boot Motel was one of the only lodges in the valley.
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David Andrews, the original owner of the Ski Boot Motel, purchased the land in 1966.
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Spectators marvel as a competitor at the 1974 Freestyle Championships soars through the air.
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Freestyle skiing has always been a part of Whistler's ski culture.
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The bid for the 1976 Olympics was propelled by GODA and its many supporters.
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This was the logo for Vancouver Garibaldi's 1976 Olympic Bid Committee.
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Bid Book showing the proposed event sites and locations for the Winter Olympics.
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1976 Bid Book: introduction
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1976 Bid Book: invitation to the I.O.C.
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Letters of support for Olympic bid from Premier of British Columbia and Prime Minister of Canada.
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1976 Bid Book: disappointment
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Collage of athletes competing in winter Olympic events.
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Proposed symbol of the Vancouver Garibaldi Olympic Bid.
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A man standing by an old growth tree in the area which later became the "Whistler Cay Estates".
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The Highland Lodge was constructed during the early 1970's along Highway 99.
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Whiskey Jack Condominiums in Whistler's Creekside in the 1970s.
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This image shows Blackcomb Mountain before it was developed as a ski resort.
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