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The History of Olympic Bids
Whistler Museum and Archives Society
Whistler , British Columbia


   The community of Whistler,
nestled in the coastal
mountains on the west coast
of British Columbia, has a
world-class reputation as one
of the best ski destinations
in the world. Since its
inception in the late 1960s,
the resort has achieved
numerous honours and

successes. Most recently,
Whistler has been selected as
a host site for the 2010
Winter Olympic Games.
   It is a little known
fact, however, that Whistler
has actually bid for the
right to host the Olympics
several times in the past.
While these bids were not

successful, they played an
important role in the
development of the current
   This exhibit looks at how
past Olympic bids have shaped
Whistler’s history and
provides a glimpse into life
in a resort town. We hope you
enjoy the exhibit and look

forward to seeing you here in

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