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Credits & Acknowledgements

A coloured photo of an historic brick building on side of road.

The Conception Bay Museum today, originally built as a Customs House in 1870.


RESEARCH & WRITING:  Matthew G. McCarthy, Francis Finlayson

TRANSLATION:  Cecilia Bungay, Lucie Leblanc

INTEGRATION of Content & Layout:  Danita Power

VIDEOGRAPHER: Christina Hearn

INTERVIEWER:  Matthew G. McCarthy


Austin Thorne
Bryan Hood
Elaine Edwards
Heather Stemp
Dr. Lisa Daly
Pamela Edwards
Patrick J. Collins


The Conception Bay Museum would like to THANK all those who contributed in any way to our exhibition, including the following individuals and organizations:

Allison Thorne
Austin Cull
Bill Bowman
Conception Bay Museum Board
Copa Flight 97
David Williams
Dianne Lee
Hannah White
Jessica Pike
Kim Winsor, The Ninety-Nines Inc.
Mary Sparkes & Family
Matthew Pike
Melanie Lethbridge
Sarah Sullivan
Town of Harbour Grace


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Thank you to Digital Museums Canada for investing in our story!