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A Harvest of Memories: Rural Life in the Kettle River Valley
Kettle River Museum
Midway , British Columbia


   Memories of rural life in
the Kettle River Valley of
long ago will never be
forgotten. They will always
live on through the memories
left by so many of its early
settlers, who chronicled the
life around them in
photographs and memoirs.
Come along as they tell their

stories, in picture and
print, while we travel
through the land they
homesteaded and the lives
they created from it.
   They were among the first
Europeans in this land of
rolling hills, rich
grasslands and lush valleys.
They came at the turn of the

20th century, when it was
still isolated from more
populated regions of British
Columbia to the east and west
- nestled in a valley between
two mountain ranges - where
the Kettle River winds its
way east along the
Canada/U.S. border.
   Their early years on the

land were dedicated to
survival - clearing land,
building and growing
everything they needed - but
before too long, life was not
all work and meant to be
enjoyed. Harvest, schooldays
and trips to town - any
excursion or gathering could
be a time to meet, to learn,

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