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A Harvest of Memories: Rural Life in the Kettle River Valley

Panning for gold in Rock Creek
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Follow the Kettle River Valley and its tributaries from Bridesville east to Boundary Falls
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Overlooking the Kettle River as it flows east, downstream toward Midway
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Imagine how the early settlers might have seen their new land...
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Looking west up the Kettle River over Midway, formerly Eholt's Farm.
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Cottonwood trees line the banks of the Kettle River and can withstand the spring flood
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Goods moved by pack train in the early days, like this one along the Kettle River
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Crossing the Kettle River at Bubar Ford; bridges were few and far between
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Homesteading the Bubar Ranch
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"Game was plentiful throughout the watershed of the Kettle River & the trout fishing was very good"
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Following fencelines along the valley
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The J.R. Jackson Ranch on the Kettle River just west of Midway
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The Jackson Ranch
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Into the benchlands above the Kettle River
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Bill Lander climbing the hillside above Midway flats
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View of the Hopper Ranch on Ingram Mountain
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Sidley's Ranch
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The Bodman Place on Rock Mountain
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