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A Harvest of Memories: Rural Life in the Kettle River Valley
Kettle River Museum
Midway , British Columbia


to celebrate.
   Camera in hand, our
photographers recorded life
as they saw it, in the
present, and often at its
most interesting. And while
their subjects would be
identifiable, the
photographers themselves
often remained anonymous.

   Most of our writers, on
the other hand, took pen to
paper at their leisure and in
their later years, looking
back through the lens of
nostalgia. And they were
rarely anonymous, passing
their writing on to their
families or contributing to
historical anthologies of the

   But all their memories
are fascinating and their
stories unique. They live on.

   We salute the many
pioneers of the Kettle River
Valley who left the harvest
of their memories, and their
descendants who chose to have
them live on at the Kettle
River Museum. While most of
the photographers are
unknown, and donors to the

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