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A History of Lakelse Hot Springs

Main Pool of the Lakelse Hot Springs Prior to Any Development.
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Emma and Charles Nelson.
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Hatchery Men Spawning Sockeye at the Mouth of Williams Creek.
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The Initial Settlement of Terrace, at Approximately the Same Time as Johnstone's Pre-emption.
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Early View of Downtown Terrace, at the Same Time as Johnstone's First Lodge at Lakelse Hot Springs.
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View of Lakelse Lake from Copper Mountain.
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Bruce and Mae Johnstone with Others at Original Lodge at Lakelse Hot Springs.
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Bruce Johnstone Ice Fishing at the South End of Lakelse Lake.
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Split Cedar Boardwalk from Hot Springs to Lakeshore Hotel.
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Original Lodge at Lakelse Hot Springs.
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Omineca Herald Newspaper Advertisement
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Bruce Johnstone Holding Son Lloyd at the Hot Springs.
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Lloyd and Bruce Johnstone on Lakelse Lake.
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Bruce Johnstone on the Cedar Boardwalk to the Hot Springs.
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Woman Overlooking Main Pool at Lakelse Hot Springs.
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Lloyd Johnstone at the Lakelse Hot Springs Property.
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Women on Split-Cedar Plank Walk from Lakeshore to Hot Springs.
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Bruce, Lloyd, and Mae Johnstone in Front of Construction.
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