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A History of Lakelse Hot Springs
Heritage Park Museum
Terrace , British Columbia


   Today, the mineral pools
at Mt. Layton Hot Springs
Resort are not open to the
public. The waterslides sag
further each year, and half
of the buildings on the
property have sat vacant
since a regional economic
decline in the 1990s, plastic
tacked along the framed

windows in the illusion that
the halting of construction
was momentary. Their present
state belies the central role
the hot springs played in the
history and identity of the
northwest region of British
   Located approximately
twenty-four highway

kilometres south of Terrace
and forty highway kilometres
north of Kitimat, the cluster
of hot springs to the east of
Lakelse Lake has been the
subject of a series of
commercial developments since
1910, from a log-cabin
bathhouse to a multimillion
dollar development replete

with waterslides and several
restaurants. Long frequented
by the local Tsimshian
people, the clay and warm
mineral waters at the hot
springs were traditionally
used for healing. Pre-empted
by Bruce Johnstone and Hank
Boss in unfulfilled
anticipation of the coming

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