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A History of Lakelse Hot Springs
Heritage Park Museum
Terrace , British Columbia


railroad, the Lakelse Hot
Springs was promoted as a spa
across North America. Plagued
by flood, fire, and economic
depression, the property lay
dormant from the mid-1930s
until 1958, when it was
purchased by Ray Skoglund,
who immediately began
implementing a visionary,

multi-phase development.
Skoglund built a large hotel
complex flanked by several
spring-warmed pools. A ski
lift was installed across the
highway, and plans were made
for a golf course and even a
drive-in movie theatre.
Skoglund's financial backers
eventually balked at his

plans for further expansion
and his vision was sidelined.
Eventually, Skoglund's
Lakelse Hotsprings Resort
fell into disrepair and
receivership in the late
1970s. Bert Orleans purchased
the hot springs from the
provincial government in 1985
and renamed the property Mt.

Layton Hot Springs Resort. An
initial flurry of investment
resulting in waterslides and
a children's waterpark was
suspended pending economic
   Throughout its tumultuous
history, the hot springs has
been frequented by residents
of the northwest in pursuit

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