Georgina Pioneer Village
Keswick, Ontario

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Waiting for the Streetcar in Georgina

Jackson's Point from the Lake.
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Kenwood Hotel, Jackson's Point.
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Lake Simcoe Annual Regatta, Jackson's Point.
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Luncheon at the Briars, Jackson's Point.
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Radial to Sutton.
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Letter appointing Mr. Morton and Mr. Barker as representatives of North Gwillimbury Township.
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Mr. J.B. Kay's station at Roche's Point is cause for complaint and must be removed from the highway.
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Mr. Kay is threatened with 'action against him' unless he removes his station.
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North Gwillimbury Council resolves to post notices regarding cattle running
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North Gwillimbury Council permits the Metropolitan to build a switch at the Boyer's stop.
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The Town of North Toronto wishes the T&YRRC to be prohibited from carrying freight on Yonge Street.
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Metropolitan Radial Railroad Company wishes to string electric lights on Keswick streets.
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Track map of the Metropolitan Division from the Toronto and York Radial Railway Company.
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The first Radial car to Jackson's Point, 1907.
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A Radial car stops at the Keswick station.
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A group of ladies wait for the Radial at the Keswick station.
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4 ladies approach the radial tracks in Keswick.
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Laying tracks at Jackson's Point.
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