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Waiting for the Streetcar in Georgina
Georgina Pioneer Village
Keswick , Ontario


   Nearly one hundred years
ago, commuters could catch a
street car from Toronto to
the south shores of Lake
Simcoe sixty miles north. The
"Radial" arrived in the
tourist town of Georgina in
1909, a development opposed
by many, but one that soon
proved worthwhile.

   The Radial provided
convenient transportation for
droves of visitors to the
south shores of Lake Simcoe,
long a popular tourist
destination with hotels,
cottages and boarding houses
to accommodate visitors in
the summer, railway and ice
industry workers in the

winter. The streetcar also
provided expedient
transportation for farmers
moving freight and locals
visiting the city.
   Visitors to this
Community Memories exhibit
will see that the streetcar
plays a prominent role in the
history of transportation in

Georgina Township, which now
includes both the Town of
Georgina and the Town of
Sutton. When the tourism boom
declined, the Radial made its
last run in 1930. Today, an
endless line of commuters
snakes to and from Toronto
daily. Is the electric
railway the answer once

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