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The Hubbard Expeditions

Map of eastern Canada.  These boundaries were in effect at the time of the expedition.
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Leonidas Hubbard awaiting departure at North West River.
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Dillon Wallace, companion to Leonidas Hubbard, posing for a photo at North West River.
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Dillon Wallace and guide George Elson sitting around fire after lunch.
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Wallace and Elson prepare to set up camp along the Susan River
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Elson and Wallace landing the canoe on shore along the Susan River.
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Hubbard hanging blankets out to dry.
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George Elson making a fire for lunch break, during one of the many portages.
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Dillon Wallace and George Elson discussing the journey while taking a break.
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It is undistinguishable who the person is, but it is while at a campsite drying fish.
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Dillon Wallace checking on the blade of his axe.
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Dillon Wallace and George Elson proudly display the Caribou head of their kill.
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Along the river bank
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Wallace at Goose Creek
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Wallace and Elson on the Susan River
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Wallace repairing his boots.
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Wallace at Lake Hope.
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Wallace and Elson trekking their canoe through the rapids of Susan Brook.
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