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A Window into the Regina Tornado of 1912

Damaged buildings after the tornado.
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The path of the tornado superimposed upon a map of Regina.
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Chart showing the frequency of tornado severity based on the Fujita scale.
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Ruins of the first Regina Boat Club House on the north shore of Wascana Lake, completed in 1906.
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Wreckage along Lorne Street, one of the areas most affected by the 1912 tornado.
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Damage along a residential street after the tornado.
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E.C. Rossie photograph of the remains of the Canadian Pacific Railway Roundhouse in central Regina.
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Damage in the Canadian Pacific Railway freight yard after the tornado.
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A view of Fire Hall no. 2 shortly after the tornado.
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View of the First Baptist Church on Victoria Avenue shortly after the tornado.
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View of damage to the Metropolitan Methodist Church on Lorne Street after the tornado.
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Detail from page 6 of the 1913 Charles E. Goade Fire Insurance Plan.
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Damaged buildings after the tornado.
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Men repairing damaged to a wood framed building.
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Large areas of debris were left behind by the tornado in residential areas around Regina.
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A rooftop blown across Cornwall Street by the tornado.
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Wreckage, including out buildings and an automobile behind a house on 14th avenue.
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Debris blocking the space between the Metropolitan Methodist Church and the Y.W.C.A. on Lorne Street
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