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A Window into the Regina Tornado of 1912
Regina Plains Museum
Regina , Saskatchewan


   On June 30 1912, Regina
was the victim of the most
destructive tornado in
Canadian history, leaving 28
people dead and 2,500
homeless. The aftermath,
which shaped the cityís
physical environment and
burdened the community
financially and

psychologically, forever
changed the city.
   The tornadoís legacy is
still being felt today, but
when the Regina Plains Museum
began planning a new
exhibition on the subject, it
faced a dilemma: what could a
new retrospective offer on a
story that had been told so

many times? A search through
the museumís collection
provided the inspiration and
the answer in the form of a
large stained glass window
dating from 1912 salvaged
from the Knox Presbyterian
Church. The window, which
escaped extensive damage from
the tornado, provides a

glimpse into the cascade of
events and their
repercussions that began on
that terrible day.
   This exhibition, which
offers a look through a
window into the Regina
tornado of 1912, explores how
the forces of nature shaped
the spirit of a city.

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