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The First Shot Rang Out

Gabriel Dumont with his Winchester repeating rifle he affectionately called 'Le petit'.
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Painting by Michael Gaudet depicting the St. Laurent settlement.
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Metis river lots at Batoche from 1880 to 1899.
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Land survey according to the township plan of the St. Laurent area.
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Louis Riel
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Chief Factors of the Hudsons Bay Company.
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Gentleman Joe McKay. Date of photo unknown.
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Field force and vetrans of the 1885 Uprising.
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Joe McKay
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General Middleton's forces in the trench built inside the zareba.
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This article was written about the events of 1885 and the retributuion of Louis Riel.
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Military forces during the battle of Batoche.
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Picture by Robert Banks depicting the Battle of Duck Lake behind the NWMP and volunteer lines.
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This is a lithograph of the Battle of Duck Lake.  The date the lithograph was made is not known.
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Willow Cree Chief Beardy and his Chiefs.
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Superintendent Crozier led the NWMP to Duck Lake to parle with the Metis.
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Douglas Stobart, Mitchell's brother and Hillyard Mitchell standing infront of the Stobart store.
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Beardys people in 1889.
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